Rotem of Qiryat Gat
born 1982

I grew up in the small town of Qiryat Gat, in southern Israel, surrounded by abundant organic
phenomena — mud puddles, strange insects, fuzzy clouds, rock formations…
My dream was to become an architect, or a garbage man, yet I was somehow attracted to drawing
since the age of about four. This passion sustained throughout my life, forming the basis of all my
artistic endeavors.
I have accumulated over a thousand works on paper, in addition to documentary material, writings,
audio experiments and work in graphic design.
My unfulfilled dream is to create a self-generating environment – The Organism, which weaves
together all art forms, into a unified, enveloping experience.
I have studied Visual Communication and Cinema, and conducted intense research in the field of
typography, art history, film art, and esoteric practices.
For three years, my studio served as an archaic museum of surreal nostalgia, wherein I introduced
art to elementary school children, in a course called ‘The History of the Line’, exploring the
essence of observation and sensitivity.
My work coincides with mainstream culture and media, working independently of any institution or
financial body, it is possible to attain a deeper level of honesty and interpret reality as it is rapidly
changing before our eyes. As a free ‘Art Agent’, I take part in various protest happenings,
connecting and nourishing neglected areas, which I feel deserve higher support.
My work serves as a mirror of my life, a freeforming diary, in which I am both the reader as well as
the author. Art heals me, and helps me approach the world in unique way. Life is a beautiful
adventure. I am a bird.
~ Rotem of Qiryat Gat
2014 Israel